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Do you need a place to put your show content, infomercial or program? This is WHY we exists. We are the cheapest way to get you to over 77 million households worldwide.  Although we are available worldwide we have a very strong foothold in the US market. We currently have key slots that will boost your audience. Do not hesitate. Contact us today! 

If the price is not enough to convince you , then how about 

  • A Dedicated support team.

  • Primetime spot available.

  • Airtime subscriptions available.

  • And much much more. 

We know broadcast standards. Unlike your average production company, we are LIVE TV specific.


Our team members are seasoned veterans of television with the connections and technical know-how to make you look good.


We’re always on top of the ever-changing world of broadcast, and if connections to TV stations across the nation weren't enough, we have our own TV network!


We currently have key slots that will boost your audience. Do not hesitate. Contact us today!




We are a full service production company that caters to the small business and entrepreneur alike. For a low flat rates, we produce quality television commercials for all kinds of businesses, no long term contracts required!


Many TV advertising agencies tack additional commissions onto your air time rate, but not us. We don’t pad our rates. Your rate is the lowest negotiated network rate.


We make our own rates. We don’t add commissions. We don’t require minimum buys; AND we don’t make you sign long-term contracts.

Air time is guaranteed. We cover both of your TV needs: high quality commercials and airtime. You set your advertising budget, so why not make the most of it and get a top notch ad for a fraction of the cost?


Bottom line,


We don’t pressure you into buying more than you’re comfortable spending.


If you already have a commercial made that you want us to air, we’ll air it.

We find affordable TV advertising solutions for any budget. We place air time in Dallas and New York City, and we air on broadcast, cable and Roku. Speak directly to your target customer with a TV ad and pay much less than what the major advertisers pay. We help you advertise like a big company, even if you’re small. UA Studios makes advertising on TV affordable.

Our ads are more than just our affordable rates, expert scripting, high resolution images, professional voiceovers and first-rate music. Your commercial is structured for maximum impact. Our ads are real, made in our professional production studio, and we can air them in three different regions, helping you find your optimal audience.

Find out what makes our TV ads so effective—be on TV! For less than the cost of print ads and online pay-per-click ads, advertise on TV and save big on your total ad spend. Contact us for a pressure-free discussion of your commercial.