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I do not want to play on your intelligence by trying to explain how important advertising and marketing is to your business. That’s like trying to convenience you that zero plus zero equals zero. Right? Instead, how about I get to the point and just explain (the best I can) on what makes us a inexpensive resource to help you grow your business.

I am here to make our case to why we are a good choice for you.

With Broadcast TV, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Streaming TV and more options it can be a very difficult to decide how and when to use a specific platform for your advertising needs.

We can Help

Staying with the traditional ways of advertising while keeping the cost extremely low is how we stay very competitive. Just allow us to show you how far a $500 investment gets you and you will agree that we are who you want as an advertising partner.

Media Stats

We broadcast on Roku, Fire tv, our website and NOW via Android mobile app. 


Rankings & Viewership


Our analytics allows us to consistently see who our viewers are, where they are viewing and what channel they watch the most. No guess work; actual reliable numbers that count.    

Rate Cards


Many media sales and advertisers will ask you what is your advertising budget. They do this for two reasons.

1) they want to see if it is worth their time,

2) They want to maximize their commission.


Although our rate card may increase over time based on the demand. We will always be transparent in our cost and billing practices.   

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Product Placement, Brand Integration and Sponsorship

Our networks are custom-built for entertainment and  marketing. Paired with the expertise of our industry-leading specialist, here to help you better predict and continuously improve the success of your brand integration campaigns across marketing, streaming, TV, and film.

Brand Integration


We make your brand part of the story, so nothing can come between you and your audience. Brand integrations in TV, film and our channels don’t just put you inside the action, they are more effective in driving recall, affinity and purchase intent than traditional TV advertising. 

 Product placement, also known as Embedded Marketing.

Is a marketing technique where references to specific brands or products are incorporated into another work, such as a film or television program, with specific promotional intent. While references to brands (real or fictional) may be voluntarily incorporated into works to maintain a feeling of realism or be a subject of commentary,  product placement is the deliberate incorporation of references to a brand or product in exchange for compensation. Product placements may range from unobtrusive appearances within an environment, to prominent integration and acknowledgement of the product within the work. Common categories of products used for placements Include  automobiles and consumer electronics. Works produced by vertically integrated companies (such as Sony) may use placements to promote their other divisions as a form of corporate synergy.

During the 21st century, the use of product placement on television has grown, particularly to combat the wider use of digital video recorders that can skip traditional commercial breaks, as well as to engage with younger demographics.  Digital editing technology is also being used to tailor product placement to specific demographics or markets, and in some cases, add placements to works that did not originally have embedded advertising, or update existing placements. 

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